Different Colors of Gold

You might be surprised to learn that gold jewelry is not always gold in color. Depending on the type and amount of other metals combined with the gold in making the jewelry, several colorful outcomes are possible. There is a veritable rainbow of gold-based hues you may encounter when you’re looking to sell or buy gold.


Also known as pink gold or rose gold, copper content is what gives this type of gold its reddish hue. Raising and lowering the amount of copper in this alloy will alter the intensity and amount of red. Red gold is commonly used in jewelry as well as high-end musical instruments, such as flutes.


The color most traditionally associated with gold jewelry, yellow gold has the highest percentage of pure gold in comparison to other colors of gold. It is most popular among people who want traditional gold jewelry.


Green gold occurs in the absence of copper. When only gold and silver are combined, a greenish-yellow hue is the result. This type of gold can be useful when adding leaves and floral designs to a piece of gold jewelry.

Blue and Purple

Blue and purple gold are not commonly used to construct whole pieces of jewelry because of their tendency to cause skin discoloration. Because of their poor corrosion resistance, blue and purple golds are often used as gems or accents on a piece of jewelry.


Perhaps the  most widely used gold besides yellow gold, white gold has gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to traditional yellow-gold jewelry. It has a similar appearance to silver, with a less chrome-like hue.


When a gold mixture contains a certain degree of cobalt, it turns the metal black. Black gold jewelry is popular with people who want strikingly unique engagement and wedding rings. Recently, a method has been developed to create black gold using a laser.

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