What is a gold party/gold fundraiser?

A gold party or gold fundraiser is the only event where guests can make money instead of spending it! Similar to a typical home party selling other products, a host will invite their friends, family and other guests over to their location for the party. Each guest has the opportunity to bring all of their unwanted or broken gold jewelry to the party or fundraiser where it will be tested and evaluated. After evaluation, each guest is paid on the spot! The host or charity receives 10% of the total purchased at the event.

How do I schedule a party/fundraiser?

You can fill out our Party Request Form or call our office at (503) 683-3255.  We can advise you of available dates and times and further information you will need.

I heard about gold parties on the news, was this about your company?

Yes, Valley Gold Party has been featured on Fox 12 Oregon, CBS Channel 5 News, Fox 10 News, ABC 15, MSNBC, KEZ 99.9 and more! You can view the videos online to watch more.

How do you determine the price you pay?

The gold market is based on 24k .999 pure refined gold. Jewelry is mixed with other alloys to make it - it is not pure gold. Most jewelry ranges from 41% to 58% actual gold. The higher the karat - ie10k14k18k, etc. the higher price you are paid because the gold content in the piece is higher.

I have jewelry with stones - how do these pieces work?

Valley Goldmine has a full-time master jeweler on premises. Any stones you would like back will be returned to you free of charge. We are required by law to report and hold all purchases for 10 days prior to removing any stones.You are more than welcome to pick them up at our Chandler office or have them sent to you free of charge (Valley Goldmine does not accept liability for stones lost during shipping).

Do you buy diamonds at the parties/fundraisers?

There is a market for larger diamonds (~1/4 carat and bigger) and we are able to purchase those, but not at the time of the party.  Diamonds have to be evaluated for color, clarity, cut and weight, and this must be done with the stone removed from the jewelry to get the best and most accurate price.  Dealers who do not do this must protect themselves by assuming a lower grade diamond before making an offer.  Our goal is to ensure you get the most money possible, so instead, we will take your diamonds to several wholesalers to get competing quotes.  This process can take about a week, but this way we will be able to get you the best offer possible and you can then decide whether to sell or if you would like to have your diamond(s) back.

Do you pay with cash?

No, Valley Goldmine only pays with checks at parties or private office appointments.

How much money does the host/charity make?

The host/charity is paid 10% of the total amount purchased at the party.

Do you require a certain amount of guests to book a party?

No. Valley Gold Party does not have a minimum guest requirement. However, based on costs associated with the party, we encourage hosts to try and bring at least 5 guests.

I have my own home party business with other products - will you do a party with me?

Absolutely. We do many "combo" parties with many home party distributors. There are certain guidelines in place to do these. Please contact us for additional details.

Still have further questions? Feel free to contact us at (503) 683-3255 for additional information.