Gold Party Reviews

At first I was skeptical about hosting a gold party.  From the day I called to setup my own party they walked me through it every step of the way. My party was a huge success!  Stacy, Scottsdale

What a great concept Valley Gold Party is!  The money I earned was nice but it was just such a great time getting all of my friends and family together.  Everybody was shocked at what their old jewelry was worth!  Kathy, Mesa

I hosted a gold party with VGM recently.   I ended up receiving over $400 for hosting and another $520 for the unused jewelry I sold.  Thanks again!   Rosa, Gilbert

Valley Goldmine has done two gold parties for me at the salon. One in the fall of last year and one the year before. Both times we had an absolute blast.  I'm not great in large crowds and each time they were the perfect hosts. They managed to get everyone processed and paid in an orderly fashion. All of the guests were thrilled with the money they made on their gold. Thrilled!  Me too!

Some of the guests had stones that needed to be removed from settings.  This can't be done on site so Valley Goldmine takes the items, removes the stones and send them back to the clients. Never a single hitch. Everyone got their stones back in a timely manner, safe and sound.

These guys work their butts off, they're on time - come prepared and are so down to earth.  The first time they came out I was half expecting some smarmy "WE BUY GOLD!" guys. Not so, very cool and personable.
A few of my clients have even gone directly to their offices for private appointments. Everyone I've sent has been more than satisfied.

I wouldn't even consider using anyone else!   DeAnna, Scottsdale