Sell your Diamonds

There is a market for larger diamonds (~1/4 carat and bigger) and Valley Goldmine is able to purchase them, but in order to get you the best price, we follow a different process than what we follow for precious metals.

Diamonds have to be carefully evaluated for color, clarity, cut and weight, and this must be done with the stone(s) removed from the jewelry to get the best and most accurate price.  Dealers who do not do this must protect themselves by assuming a lower grade/weight diamond before making an offer for an immediate purchase. 

At Valley Goldmine, our goal is to ensure you get the most money possible, so instead of making a guess, we will take your diamonds to several wholesalers/gemologists and get competing quotes.  This process can take about a week, but this way we will be able to get you the best offer possible and you can then decide whether to sell or if you would like to have your diamond(s) back.