Valley Goldmine Portland, one of the top silver buyers in Portland, above all else values integrity, security and professionalism.

At our Lake Oswego office, we ensure you will feel safe during your consultation while providing you a confidential transaction. Our offices are open by appointment only but we are flexible and can schedule appointments the same day, usually within the hour.  We buy sterling silver jewelry, sterling silverware, silver coins, silver bullion, and more!

sell silver in Lake Oswego

In your consultation we will carefully examine each individual piece and test it with industry leading equipment ensuring you get paid top dollar and are treated fairly. We will accurately test the silver content in any silver piece with the finest silver tester on the market. We do all of our testing right in front of you. We then weigh the item and determine a price. We pay you the same day.


At Valley Goldmine we want you to be more than happy during your appointment. Some of our clients prefer to keep their stones and simply sell the metal in the jewelry itself. We are required by law to report and hold all purchases for 10 days. At the end of the hold period, we will have our Master Jeweler remove them and we will send them to you. We do this for you free of charge!

Trust Portland's premier silver buyer – Valley Goldmine.